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There’s Always Room for One More

There’s always room for one more. This was a saying I heard all the time growing up. In Nigeria, there was always room for one more in the car and our lives. In Haiti, I encountered this thought  process again as we fit as many people as we could into transportation to get from place… Continue reading There’s Always Room for One More


Embrace Your Messy Hair

I’ve been blessed with my messy curls. I used to not like them. I wanted blonde, straight hair like my friends. It wasn’t until college that I started to embrace my curls. Now I wouldn’t trade my curls for anything, but I’ve learned how to manage the crazy. Here are a few tips and tricks… Continue reading Embrace Your Messy Hair


The Very Worst Missionary

I just finished this book by Jamie Wright. 10/10 would recommend reading with a grain of salt. She has some good points, but there is some shaky theology. She also uses some language so if Christians using language makes you mad just read the highlights and not the book. Here are the things I pulled… Continue reading The Very Worst Missionary



Water and fallen leaves. One is a life source, and the other is a dying object. The fallen leaves remind us that dying is sometimes beautiful. The combination of the two is striking. This is the time where autumn is ending and winter is beginning. The days are getting shorter and colder. The days might… Continue reading Thankfulness