Year 26 and counting…

I LOVE birthdays. I don’t view it as another year older but rather as another year you survived.

I LOVE birthdays and I value reflection so every year I look back on the year and see all that God has done. 

This year on the eve of my birthday, I’m spending the moments reflecting on how far God has brought me.

  • I found my person. I don’t believe that there is only one person destined for you but rather a person who you choose to run beside you in life. 26 was full of plenty of high moments as I got engaged and married to my best friend who, for some reason, loves me, quirks and all.
  • You can’t have highs without lows. 26 was privy to some of the highest highs as well as some of the lowest lows as I navigated what it means to be an empath nurse. I get the privilege of entering into some of the hardest and best moments of people’s lives. I don’t take that honor lightly.
  • Friendship is precious and needs to be treasured. There are those people who entered your life unexpectedly. Life is hard. Hold those people close and check in on them occasionally. It’s the hard and holy moments that matters.
  • No matter how bad it gets, you can rest in the simple fact that you have a Father who loves you more than you can ever know.
  • Do not plan your life out according to a time table. You never know when life will throw a curve ball at you.
  • Self-awareness is underrated and undervalued as a skill.
  • Be yourself. Those who care, don’t matter and those who matter, don’t care.

This took me YEARS to figure out, but it’s so true. Just simply be yourself. I’m still figuring it out. I’m just me. I’m not perfect by any means, but I’m working to embrace my shortcomings and be myself. 

Here’s a snippet of what God has done in my life this year-may there be many more adventures with God as He takes me on the grandest journey.

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