What Does It Mean To Survive?

“Life and living is the very definition of surviving. It is what the living do.

We survive.

In the absence of survival comes our death and so, when we survive, it is not the dreaded anchor around our necks. It is not some awful curse and sentence.“
Survival is the simple act of choosing to get up again—taking the next right step and breathing.

Kara Swanson's Brain Injury Blog

We hear the word all the time.  In this brain injury community, especially, we toss it around and heap it and don it.    Survive.  Survivors.  TBI survivors….

I was wondering how it is that so many of us feel so blessed and gifted of this life after injury while so many feel so cursed and struck down.

Is it simply a matter of severity of injury?

I think part of it, at least, has to do with how we view what it means to survive.  What our own definition of it is and how that evolves over time.

Think of your own situation…What words and phrases come to mind when you think about surviving TBI?

I hear from so many survivors and, for many, the term “survived” is personalized, surrounded by and thrust into a tangled mess of phrases that include, “Got stuck with,” “End up dealing with,” “I lost…,”…

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