10 Things I Wish My Doctor Had Told Me About Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI)

The Foggy Shore

0215100954brainconcussion1. You can’t push through.  Regardless of how strong or tough or determined you are, you can’t bully you’re way through recovering from an mTBI.  I know you’re going to try, but you will save us both a lot of time if you didn’t.

2. Rest.  I mean completely rest.  Stop work, stop TV, stop looking at your phone. Just sit on a couch, pet a cat, and stare out the window.  I know it’s inconvenient, I know you can’t afford to, I know you don’t have time… but you will really really regret it if you don’t.

3. You need help.  Like – significant help – in every aspect of your life.  You might not think you do, you might not know you do… but you do.  Trust me on this one.

4. Your easy social life and party days are over.  Loud noises, bright flashing lights, even regular fluorescent lights – all those things…

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One thought on “10 Things I Wish My Doctor Had Told Me About Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI)

  1. Wow…powerful article, Sarah! While what she says is true I believe because of the Lord’s love for you, you are already far ahead of projections. Continue to give yourself plenty of time and complete rest, but don’t ever sell yourself short. Remember always…you are loved by many and carried by many prayers😀


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