Water and fallen leaves. One is a life source, and the other is a dying object. The fallen leaves remind us that dying is sometimes beautiful. The combination of the two is striking. This is the time where autumn is ending and winter is beginning. The days are getting shorter and colder. The days might… Continue reading Thankfulness


5 Things My TBI Taught Me

As the anniversary of my accident approaches, my mind is swamped with emotions. Here are a few things I’m learning about myself and God. 1. Life is precious. Embrace every moment. Almost dying makes you appreciate living so much more. You are thankful for every breathe because you know it only takes a moment for… Continue reading 5 Things My TBI Taught Me

Sunday Musings

A Journey to Confidence 

Insecurity has been a struggle for me since I can remember. I grew up on the mission field so I was always  different. I looked different when I was in Africa, and I acted different when I was in America. When I was growing up, I wanted blue eyes and straight hair because that’s what… Continue reading A Journey to Confidence 



Solitude. That word holds some stigma. Loneliness. Seclusion. Desert. Backwoods. When I returned from rehab, I had not been alone alone for several months. I craved solitude. I craved space for my soul to breathe.  I used to despise solitude. I didn’t exactly know what to do when everything was quiet, and I could only… Continue reading Solitude