Sunday Musings

The Great I AM

I was thinking the other day about God and how it’s pretty incredible that he created people and languages. The incredible thing is that He hears and understands everyone in every language. One of my favorite moments ever was in the Dominican Republic. We were sitting on the beach watching the sunset, and we eventually… Continue reading The Great I AM


School Nursing and Little Humans

So I’ve been a school nurse for about a year. It wasn’t anywhere in my plans, but God knew I needed this in this season. Here are a few things I have learned on this journey so far. Littles are honest and unbiased. They don’t care who you are, and they love you unconditionally. I… Continue reading School Nursing and Little Humans


Blessings and Birthdays

23. 23 was a great year-new places, re-acquaintances, new friends, spectacular adventures, and new passions. There has been some good things and some not-so good things about 23, but we can’t have the good without the bad. 23 has been an adventure as I learned more about what it means to be a woman after… Continue reading Blessings and Birthdays


Planting and Establishing Roots

So a friend and I are delving into planting and growing things. In her research, she came upon the fact that you shouldn’t water plants as often. Letting them dry out a little encourages them to grow deeper roots. Dry spells can actually encourage growth and flourishing. It seems counterintuitive that a dry season can… Continue reading Planting and Establishing Roots