It’s only been just over a month into 2018. It’s been a month that I’ve reached landmark after landmark. I’ve already seen God do amazing things in my life, and I’m expecting Him to do more. Recently, I spoke to the Independent Studies students at Mansfield Christian School. The whole idea was God’s faithfulness in… Continue reading Expectation

Sunday Musings

Giving in to Negative Thoughts

A bad day does not make for a bad life (Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it). This week, I gave into my fears, of failing, of letting people down, of being imperfect. I have learned over the years that the only difference between an adventure and an obstacle is attitude. I gave in to my… Continue reading Giving in to Negative Thoughts


Broken People Loving Broken People.

As Christians, with whom do we surround ourselves? Who do we let in to our sacred space, and with whom do we choose to share our story with? We are constantly growing closer to God, so automatically we are going to choose to surround ourselves with people who are growing as well. But the need… Continue reading Broken People Loving Broken People.



Vulnerability. Community. These words are used so often in resident life at Christian colleges that they begin to lose their meaning. We say things like “build community”, “be vulnerable and open”, and “facilitate community”. Do we really know what we are asking for when we say these buzz words? Vulnerability and community are incredible and… Continue reading Vulnerability.


Work. Rest. Repeat.

Rest. This is a word that most people hate because it eludes the idea of unproductivity. In the “going…going…gone” mentality of society today, it appears lazy to rest and take time for yourself. Selfish even. I have learned though, that rest is not a bad word, in fact, it is necessary for life. God rested.… Continue reading Work. Rest. Repeat.