Sunday Musings

Step Off The Ledge

So. I’ve been challenged this week on taking risks. I tend to play it safe when it comes to certain things. I tend to stay inside my comfort zone-willing everything to stay the same. God is not about letting everything stay the same. Following God means taking risks. If you don’t take risks, you’ll never… Continue reading Step Off The Ledge

Sunday Musings

The Great I AM

I was thinking the other day about God and how it’s pretty incredible that he created people and languages. The incredible thing is that He hears and understands everyone in every language. One of my favorite moments ever was in the Dominican Republic. We were sitting on the beach watching the sunset, and we eventually… Continue reading The Great I AM


Let’s Be Wild

I was self-conscious before, but now I am really self-conscious. I feel like my voice sounds weird, weirder than normal. I feel people staring at me when I walk. I must look embarrassing because I feel really awkward. When I try to write, it is difficult. I perceive my scars are blatantly obvious, like they… Continue reading Let’s Be Wild