Sunday Musings

When God is big

Something about mountains makes you feel so small. They remind you of the bigger picture—that God is good and in charge of the world. It puts life into perspective. When all you have to focus on is your problems, they seem so big—so overwhelming.  But when you look at the mountains, you realize that you… Continue reading When God is big


10 Things I Wish My Doctor Had Told Me About Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI)

Originally posted on The Foggy Shore:
1. You can’t push through.  Regardless of how strong or tough or determined you are, you can’t bully you’re way through recovering from an mTBI.  I know you’re going to try, but you will save us both a lot of time if you didn’t. 2. Rest.  I mean completely rest.  Stop…


Holding God’s Hand In The Darkness

Have you ever wondered what God was like? I have. Many times. Through this season, I’ve grown closer to God. I’ve clung to God when there was no one else to cling to. I’ve clung to the truths that have been engrained in me since I was a young child. I don’t how people go… Continue reading Holding God’s Hand In The Darkness